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Welcome to the Room 5 Kea.

Room 5 Kea are Year 3 and 4 students aged from 7 - 9 years with a wide range of learning abilities.
We use thinking skills ranging from de Bonos hats, Blooms Taxonomy, Habits of Mind, Gardners Multiple Intelligences and use a rang of thinkers keys and graphic organisers to help us problem solve, organise our thoughts and plan lots of tasks.

Term 4 - Room 5 Kea check your wiki pages to see what your challenge is. See how quickly you can achieve the first set of challenges.
We are heading into the last term for the year. It is yet another busy term with many events happening within the school and with interschool activities.
Term 4 Overview
Expectations for Term 4 plus an overview of the term ahead.
Agricultural Day, Museum Trip, Art Exhibition, Opening of Helen Robertson Learning Centre,Grandparents Day, Teacher Only Day
School Athletics, Kapahaka Festival, Interschools Athletics, Water Safety Training, Calendars, Enviroschools, Milo cricket, Te Awamumu Intermediate Band. The list goes on.
Look into the Calendar page for a more indepth overview of each weeks events.
This Week
Tuesday Computer and Library
Thursday - Water Safety and Athletics
Teacher Only Day Friday 13th November
Week 4
Grandparents Day - watch out for more photos on our Inquiry Page of our family treasures.

Week 6
Tuesday Computer and Library
Thursday - Water Safety and Athletics
Week 7
Tuesday Computer and Library
Thursday - Water Safety
Week 8
Tuesday Computer and Library
Week 9
Tuesday Computer and Library
Week 10
Tuesday 15th Final Assembly
Wednesday 16th December last day of school.

To see what we have been working on click on the icons on the left. Below the term links with an overview of what we were focusing on.
Term 3

Term 2

Term 1
The children have been very busy writing their own fairy tales and uploading them onto Our Stories page. Please take some time to read them and see the progress they have made in their latest drafts.

The link I have included links to the E Fellows page which shares our E Fellows projects and journals. Take a look at what 10 educators (including myself) around the country are doing in regard to Literacy and E Learning . My project is focusing on the impact an online audience has on developing richer writing experiences. The students will reflect on the feedback and feed forward they receive from our online audience.If you would like to be part of the online discussions please me on ginnym@pekerau.school.nz.

I often search the net for helpful sites which are relevant to our curriculum areas. Check the pages on the left for the links. This link Feeding Our Future is one that I thought might be helpful to everyone so take a look at some great ideas for creative yet healthy meals.

Camp Slideshow

Our mascot Tia the Kea has had fun sitting on a higher perch spying on us and our learning.
Tia has also been busy chatting away with the I Care Kiwi which we were given at our first whole school certificate assembly.
We have also noticed that I Care Kiwi and Tia have similarities as well.

Early in the term we will introduce you to our mini mascot Tia the Kea so watch this space.

Room_5_Keas_010.jpg Room_5_Keas_007.jpg
Hello everyone. I am Tia and as you can see I am the most magnificent Kea in the world. I am clever, inquisitive and cheeky.
Find out more about me by visiting my page.

Each contributing page will have an outline of what specific curriculum area expectations will be. There will be links to some very useful educational sites that you and your child can visit.