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The things below are my favourite pets and fairies

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I love to eat carrots grapes and chocolate. I have 5 people in my family the youngest is Danny. I am 7, Cassie is 12 and Danny is 2 . I love my Grandma because she is really kind and gives us things. My favourite singer is Miley Cyrus and my favourite movie is Bolt. My class is called the Kea, so we have a little toy called Tia the Kea. Ashton went with Tia on a adventure but Tia flu a way so Tia is not part of my class. I love ponies and kangaroos. Ponies are good to ride because they do what you tell them to do. We have 2 cats, 2 rabbits, 1 goldfish and 2 lambs at the moment that we had for Ag Day last year.

This year my class got the silver kiwi so Tia and the silver kiwi could be best friends. For art we have been making Keas by papermasche. On Wednesday 18th of February we went to the Hamilton Zoo and we found out about our Kea.I have two best friends one is Lori and one is Haley B. I love sparkly things. Last weekend my family got a little puppy called Stella she is a foxy. On Monday the 4th and Tuesday the 5th Mrs Mitchells friends brought a horse and cart and a helicopter because we are learning about inventions so thats why they brought those things. We learnt how those things move and work, like helicopters fly by using it's propeller and a cart moves by a horse pulling it. One day Mrs Mitchells friends braing a stoke car and some moterbikes and we had to search them out. In term 2 we were set a challenge to make Tia the Kea a self-propelled car. Firest we had to get in to grops then we had to figer out how it was going to move.

Room_5_Keas_007.jpg Here is a video I made about the zoo. Locations of visitors to this page

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The camping day Thursday the 2nd of April room6 5 and 12 year 3 had a camping day outside room5 and 6 on the grass. We had to have our hats or we couldn't go outside to play in the tent or play games like cricket. For lunch Miss Dodd Miss Gray and Mrs McFarlane made some sausages and some marshmallows on the camp cooker. To put up the tent we had to work as a team. Nextst we got some games and brang them to our tent.Today it was great fun because I learnt how to put up a tent
This is my movie of my fairy tale

This is my dot sipal giger breed man

This is some of the art at the art exhibition
Here we have a photo of the police

This is a photo of my family treasure