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I like playing rugby and my brother will play rugby this year. My dad will coach my team and Reace will coachI like rugby and my brother does too

Ashton's team I think, and we have to sign up every time if we want to play rugby.We have one cat.

In the class we are learning lot's about kea our call is kee-a.

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this is my zoo powerpoint

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Year 3 camp day friday 3rd April 2009
On Thursday room 5 kea room 6 tui and room 12 pokeko put up tents to have our own camp day outside the middle school on the grass. We set up tents for a fun day and we had activities for us to play with and the activities where padder tennis frisbe and cricket.At lunch we had a sausage sizzle and rossted mashmallow for lunch.After lunch we had a play with the frisbees padder tennis and criekit.We can bring books and games. after the fun we had to put our tents down. Before that Mrs mc farlane read a story to us and the story was how i became a pirate.some teachers helped us do the
My spilling words
1.Hapiness 6.Heght
2.Activity 7.Delicious
3.Scientist 8.Kindergarten
4.Audience 9.occupy
5.Ashamed 10.vacuum

Thersdays and saturdays i have rugby.
Term 3
25\08\09 We had cross country and i came 7th place.

yestrday a helicopter came to school.

This is my dot stiple

This is my genjer bread man.

kea W.A.L.T.S


Term 4


green people walking.
sun power shining on you.
hedgehogs on the sun.

police dog

police dog

deep down

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