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I like to play socker and rugby! I like to eat fruit and vegables! We always learn lots of new staf! We all went to Hamilton zooRoom_5_Keas_018.jpg on Wensday we saw Charilie the kea. In our classroom we have been learning about what keas like to eat and what they feel like and smell like. But at the zoo in the egacation room we learnt heaps of staf we got to have a look around the room their were some alive animales and some dead animales. My favourite part of the zoo was the rinosaris, and the, owls. The olws were by the parite bird's. They are blue and the little one's are yollow.

This piture is Tia and her friend the silver kiwi. The silver kiwi has gone to two girls

in the senior swimming team. Guss what Tia miss the silver kiwi.

My_Fairy_Tale.pngOur class we a learning about fairy tales I can name some.

Slepping beauty.

Beauty and the beast.

Jake and the bean stalk.

Snow white and the seven alin's.

Little red riding hood.

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On Tuesday we saw a helicopter Matthew Jack-Whitemen Pheonix and Tia the kea got a ride on the helicopter
Heres a picther to show you.

On Monday I saw a cart and horse it was really cool people got to have a ride they got to go really fast in the cart.
All of the middle team sceached the cart and horse some were looking pretty cool.
We got over excited about the cart and horse thankyou sarha.


This is my Dotstiple of me.

On tuesday the whole school went to the berry farm I came 3 the nine year olds had to
run longer then the 8 year olds.


After we ran a long way I was allowed to eat I was so hungry that I ate all my food up
this is what I had to eat.
I had a peanut butter samwich and an apple and chips and
biscuits and cake and I also had a bottle of water.

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A police dog

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This is a photo of the art exabition and all our art.

alhorse.gifart_exhib_and_grand_026.jpgthis is my nans famliy treasure she want let any one else touch them

art_exhib_and_grand_005.jpgThe new libary