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Maths is fun. We use maths everyday even though we don't realise it.
Maths is a very important component of all children's learning. We can do maths in literacy. Check out books that have maths in them - The students don't even know they're doing maths.

4i_form1_T.gif Maths is everywhere we are in just about everything we do! Race car drivers need number knowledge, geometry, algebra, statistics, problem solving and measurement! 67stang_ani2.gif

I've just come across this great maths practise site which really focuses in on specific strands of maths.
I've only linked 1 page though just to see how we go. Let me know what you think. The maths class have been using it as a trial and quite like it.

Interactive Games oswego

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Click on Maths is fun and check out the link below to a very helpful maths online site.



A+Math is another really good site for practice and reviewing maths skills taught in the class.


Maths sites