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What a week we have had. Most of the Year 4 students have been away at Lake Whakamaru Camp and had an outstanding time. There were many personal goals completed. The children gained a lot of confidence in all the challenges that were put in front of them. Mrs Bredenbeck joined us on Thursday for our activity day. We were pleased she came so that she could share our fun, excitement and successes. Way to go Year 4's You Rock.
While we were away on camp our Year 3's had lots of fun doing outdoor education activities as well.

You can read more about the Camp week on the childrens wikis.

This week is a going to be a very busy week. We have camp starting on Wednesday for the Year 4 students and our Year 3's will be going into Room 6. We have to remember to check our gear list, pack our bags ourselves and make sure we are ready on Wednesday morning. We have had life jacket training so we know how it feels to wear a life jacket properly as well as how it feels to float in them.

We have been very busy working on belonging and where we fit in our world this includes rules, rights and responsibilities at school, home, in teams, and for camp. Tia the Kea has made us think about other places that have rules and for what purposes. We know that rules are important because they are to keep us safe. Everyone everywhere have rules.

We have had some special visitors from ERO (Education Review Office). They visited classes and looked at the wonderful learning going on in our school. They visited Room 5 on Thursday during our computer session. We were able to show off our online learning.
Week 7 we did our class assembly. We were able to share our learning. We have done some amazing thinking and learning of new skills. We have developed some outstanding wikis. Check them out in the class wiki page.
Tia has been away on the Intermediate School camp at Waitomo Caves. She got to see stalagmites and stalagtites. She also went to Woodlands park and saw lots of cool farm animals on display.
Tia has visited Auckland Airport. She really loves the airport and aeroplanes. Watch her pages for updates.

We had a very enjoyable Family Picnic evening in Week 3. People were playing cricket, bouncing on the bouncy castle, playing swing ball and playing on the playground. Through word of mouth we are sure the next family picnic will be even bigger.


We have come to the end of another busy week. Everyone had a brilliant time at the Hamilton Zoo. Our education officer Ken was fantastic and was able to tell us some very important and interesting facts about our clever Kea. He told us that they are the most intelligent, inquisitive, curious and investigative bird around. We can now compare some of the Kea characteristics with our own learning behavioural characteristics. We already know we are curious, intelligent and extremely clever. We also know that it is important to watch out for one another. Our key word in our class treaty is RESPECT. We know how important it is for everyone to be different but we all belong to the Room 5 Kea family.