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Hello everyone. I am Tia and as you can see I am the most magnificent Kea in the world.
I have been very busy visiting a lot of different places. I went to the Auckland Zoo and saw some of my cousins and some very interesting looking animals. I have also been to different beaches, some with white sand and some with black sand. I went on aeroplanes to different places, Wellington, Christchurch, Nelson, Los Angeles, New York and lots of other places. I have been to netball, rugby, on a farm on the tractor, in our class cars that are being made for me and I have been in the bush area by the Netball courts.

Did you know there are Tui around Te Awamutu and I got to meet some when I went to netball.
I am becoming good at finding my way around and I made my way back to school after sneaking off from netball. I have learned how to watch out the window when I go in people's cars to see where I am and I look for them when I fly back to school.

We are having a very inquisitive time in Room 5. I am really enjoying watching my classmates making cars, writing stories and sharing their ideas. It is very exciting to know that I am going to be sitting in the cars when we test them. That must mean I am a test driver - very cool.
I have been looking at lots of inventions lately. We know that inventions are things that are made for a purpose.
I went to a farm the other day and went on a tractor, a huge trailer that carries food for the cows, and saw lots of machinery which I now know were originally inventions to help make farming easier. Man they get up early when they go milking.
I have also been to the rugby - did you know things like the big screen tv and the scoreboard all had to be invented. In the olden days the scoreboard had to have the numbers changed by a person - now its done by a computer or something electronic.
I wonder if the rugby ball has changed over time? Same with the uniforms are they different I wonder?

Thank you everyone for taking me to different places. I like everything I have done so far. Its been fun having a go at things I really didnt know I could do - Like the things on camp, going in an aeroplane, riding on a bike, motorbike and go cart. I have also been in an old car - a 1957 Chevrolet - that was cool. I have also been to the Hamilton 400 Street Race. It had lots of cars racing around a big track. The cars were really noisy but the noisiest one was a blue Chevy drag car. When we were at the Street race Mrs Mitchell was talking to someone about the solar car race in Australia - There are cars that dont need petrol they need solar power ( I'm not sure what that is but it sound very clever). I'm going to try and find some information online about it.


I am the luckiest Kea in the whole wide world. I have been on camp with our class Year 4's and the other Year 4's at Pekerau School. We all had a great time. I was so tired on the way home I fell asleep inside Hayley's cap. It was really comfy and kept rocking me off to sleep.
We did so many things on camp like: kayaking, the confidence course )going through the tunnel was strange and a bit spooky), mini golf, bmxing (is this a word I'm not sure?), go Karting wow that was fast and fun. We also went on a bush walk and I looked after one of our group whol got stung by the bees. We ate lots, played cool games, slept in dorms and took lots of photos.
So watch out for our photo albums on our wikis or the blogs.
Mrs Mitchell took me home for the weekend so I have managed to get onto the computer for a little while.
I am very lucky and have been adopted by the very clever, musical and lovely Room 5 Kea class. I have already made some friends and went away for the weekend.
I have had my first flight in an aeroplane. It was fun but a little scary because I didn't know what to expect. I'm hoping to have some more flights maybe I'll get to go out of New Zealand!
In Wellington Mrs Mitchell got to meet the Minister of Education Anne Tolley. The E Fellows had a photo taken with her and its been printed in the Education Gazette. Way to go Mrs Mitchell.

Our class continues to work hard. The children come up with amazing ideas and really know how to think. I like the way they are chatting to me on my blog. Check it out if you have'nt been on it. I am finding out lots of interesting things. I am glad people are reading it and helping me with my learning.
I have really been working on the key competency 'Managing Self'. I no longer get distracted by the sparkly pencils and pens and I'm trying very hard to not be a sticky beak and tittle tattle - Its not very polite to listen in on private conversations, so I feel quite proud of myself for achieving that goal.

I went to Hamilton Zoo with Roon 5 Kea on the 18th February. I met lots of my friends and cousins. My friends in Room 5 took some photos of some other animals. We all learned lots, but I am sure they will tell you more. Check out their pages and see.
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I am still trying very hard to learn more about managing self and I promise not to hide any of the puzzle pieces.